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Dog Parks

From the very first time Dr. Glasser learned about these marvelous facilities, she was hooked! At every professional conference thereafter, she attended every educational session offered on this topic! Basically, a dog park is a fenced enclosure for dog owners to exercise their dogs off-leash. Over time, in other parts of the country, much has been determined about dog parks and the best ways to design them, operate them and have them become important valued additions to a community's recreation and park facilities. Dr. Glasser has become a genuine "fan" of dog parks and knowledgeable about their concept, design, components, amenities, benefits, operation, signage, maintenance, etc.

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She has visited dog parks in a number of different states - California, Florida, Connecticut, Arizona - and has communicated with both supervisors and users of these facilities. It seems dog parks are one of those rare "everybody wins" types of entities. Plus, it bring people together from all walks of life as dog owners are as varied a group as can be - different ages, backgrounds, cultures, etc. Dog parks even allow some people to enjoy dog ownership that would not otherwise be able to do so because they are unable to physically walk a dog - such as disabled individuals and some senior adults.

Dog parks can be among the least expensive and yet, most appreciated, facilities a community can create. Whether in an existing park or an unused lot or area, the primary costs are for the fencing and gates, a few benches, waste bag dispensers, garbage cans, signage and ideally, a water connection. Though larger is better, the ideal minimum space needed for a dog park is only about one acre.

Dr. Glasser is extremely interested in assisting communities with the creation of a dog park. Despite her knowledge, passion and interest about these facilities, she is also a realist and knows that many have not even heard of dog parks. Many are unaware of the concept and the accompanying community benefits. Dr. Glasser can articulate those benefits as well as the many other aspects of dog parks. One of the most important aspects, however, is that they provide a valid, appreciated service to a legitimate, substantial constituency - the many dog owners found in all communities.

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In addition to the above, Dr. Glasser has developed a Powerpoint program entitled, "Dog Parks 101". She has presented this program as an educational session at several professional conferences. It provides a straight-forward, comprehensive picture of dog park benefits, components and other related topics for those seeking information about these wonderful facilities.

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